Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why do I have to register on the Whittier PTO website?
A: Whittier PTO's website uses a communications platform called Membership Toolkit that has  features to help families get connected and get informed--but you need to register in order to get access to these tools.  Requiring registration for these features (such as the volunteer forms and the online directory) protects your privacy.  
Q: I registered last year-- why am I being asked to update my information?
A: In order to access all of our website's tools, every year you will need to update your child's grade and teacher and any other information that may have changed.  This helps ensure that the online directory is accurate, and that we only have current families in the system.      
Q: I just registered; why can't I see the online directory?
A: Each registration is reviewed and verified by an admin before the user can view the directory, to protect the privacy of our families.  You should expect to get verified within a day or so of registering. 
Q: I registered last year, but friends are telling me that my information is not in the online directory?
A: Have you updated your information for the year?  You will not appear in the online directory until you log in and verify that your parent and student information are correct with each new school year.  Updating is required because your child's teacher and grade change each year.
Q: Can I opt out of the online directory?  I don't want to be listed.
A: You control what information appears in the directory-- you can choose to share only certain parts of your information in the directory, or you can choose to have none of your information appear in the directory.  And you can change these privacy settings anytime.  
Q: Can two parents share one account?
A: With Membership Toolkit, two parents can share an account or have separate accounts.  If parents choose to have two separate account logins, each will be listed as a separate family in the directory, and required forms will need to be completed by both accounts.
Q: Why the push to get everyone registered?
A: The more families we have on the new system, the better tools like the online directory and our volunteer forms will work.  
Q: What happens if I don't register?
A: You won't be able to access the online directory, sign up to volunteer, register your child for WISE after school enrichment classes, make certain purchases, see all of our website content, or take advantage of the other features Membership Toolkit offers.  Please register on our home page at
Q: Why is my child's friend not listed in the online directory?
A: You have to register on our website and choose to appear in the directory in order to be listed.  Either the family opted not to appear in the directory or the family has not registered on our website yet.  Please encourage them to register!  

Still have questions?  Please contact us by using the Website Feedback Form in the upper right hand side on our website at