Whittier Fun Fair — Saturday, March 7

The almost world famous Whittier Fun Fair will be held Saturday, March 7, from 11-3pm, with a special needs sensory hour from 10-11am. There will be carnival games, prizes, teacher raffle, silent auction, sugar walk, food, and Girl Scout and Spanish games. Don't miss it!


There are many ways to get involved:

    This is probably one of the most fun, easiest volunteer gigs out there. Fun Fair is FUN but takes a LOT of volunteers to make it happen -- 100, 1-hour slots -- and there are still 65 openings! Please take a 1 hour slot -- you can volunteer while your kids play games or eat lunch! Any and all Whittier Alumni, middle schoolers, high schoolers, college kids, parents, and grandparents are encouraged to take a shift!
    for the silent auction! The Silent Auction is your chance to contribute an item, experience, or party as part of the Whittier community. These parties are a fun way to get to know your fellow Whittier families! Donated parties and experiences can be for adults, for kids, or for families -- it's entirely up to you! Slots are then sold at the silent auction, the proceeds benefit the PTO. Past parties have included family game nights, parent night out dinner parties, volleyball (for adults), craft parties for kids, beer brewing, and poker nights. 
    to play Fun Fair games and purchase food. Buy ahead of time and save some $! Download this form or purchase online.

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