What's A Pop Up??



Pop Ups are a variety of events, parties, activities hosted by families spanning a wide variety of interests.  Past "parent parties" or Pop Ups have been Rock Scissor Paper Tournament, Music Jam/Karaoke, Family Backyard Movie Night, Kickball game on Whittier Field, Poker Party Tournament and more!  They are great way to stay in touch with people you know, plus meet new friends in the community.


How To Host A Pop Up

 Register To Host


How To Sign Up For A Pop Up


Below are the current list of Pop Ups as of 5/17.  Choose one or choose many!  All sign ups will have a suggested donation, yet a donation is not necessary to participate.  The host is generously donating their time and resources, and any donation you provide supports PTO activities, events and programming.   


Steps post sign up:

  1. The last week of May (29th-2nd) you will receive a welcome email from the host and an Evite to the PopUps you have signed up for.
  2. In that Evite you will be able to see who else is going and make any type of donation.
It's that easy!  Sign Up for Pop Ups below and have them pop up all over your calendar! 

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament - Date TBD

Come see this intense tournament for yourself! It’s for the entire family, related or not!!
Suggested Donation: $5/pp up to $20/4+ group
Hosts: Christine Pan, Rachel Crookes, Sally McGowan, Rachel Porter


Cocktails and Bunko Night - June 23rd @ 6pm

If you're looking for a fun game night, come join your hosts Dominique and Kathyrn for Bunko and a chance to learn how to create batch cocktails for the summer!  Bunko is a social, group dice game that requires no skill. Players attempt to roll specific numbers on the dice depending on the round.


Location will be at a home in Oak Park and suggested donation is $15/person with max number of 20 for attendance. 


Suggested Donation: $15 per person (Adult 21+)

Hosts:  Dominique Betancourt and Kathyrn Macapagal


Yoga Class at Solarium + Drinks - June 14th

Want to check out a new kind of work at at Solarium?  Join your hosts for a work out at 4 and then head to the hosts house at @ 5:45pm for drinks! 
Suggested donation: $25/pp (Adult 21+) and max number of people is 13 people
Your Hosts: Erika Nienow and Lisa Kiker 


Let's Play PIT! - July 14th from 3-6pm

PIT is a card game based on the trading of commodities that is simple to learn, fast to play, and involves lots of animated players (imagine "Go Fish" with no turn
taking and played like a furious farmer's auction...). Bites and brews included for all Traders!
Adults 21+
Suggested donation: $5/pp or $15/family
Your Hosts: The Starners


Bike Tune-ups and Treats - July 22nd

Join us for an exciting and informative bicycle event focused on teaching the essentials of bicycle maintenance. Whether an avid cyclist or just starting out, we’ll empower you with knowledge and skills to keep your bicycle in excellent condition. Bring the entire family or just yourself and your bicycle. We’ll have kid friendly treats and drinks along with some tasty brews for the adults.
Suggested donation: $20/Family


Your Host:  Rachel Baber and Matt Riddle

Sensory Friendly Backyard Bash - August 5th from 3-5pm

Hit the playground in the Starners backyard...there will be bags, swings, climbing wall and more. Bring the family, reconnect this summer and meet new friends. Beverages and snacks will be a plenty to keep the fun going.
Suggested Donation: $10/Family
HOST: The Starners 


Mom's 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament - August 20th @ Noon

Moms come show these kids what we got with a 3 on 3 b-ball tournament on Whittier's blacktop! Find a team of three or sign up to be placed on a team, the winning team will split the pot with the PTO.  Adult 21+ for players, and all are welcome to watch!


Suggested Donation:  $30/team of 3 or $10/pp 

Your Host:  Dominique Betancourt


AUGUST 26th - BINGO! from 3-7pm, $5/pp or $15/Family

Need I say more? BINGO for the entire family, related or not!


Suggested Donation:  $10/team

Your Host:  Christine Pan, Rachel Crookes, Sally McGowan