WISE Course Descriptions
WINTER 2020 


NEW! Las Piñatas (3rd – 5th Grade)

Instructor: Lidys Aguirre
Piñatas are an essential part of any Latin American fiesta. In this class you will create, design and decorate your own piñata. Student will start with newspapers and a balloon and finish with a beautifully decorated piñata to stuff with traditional Mexican candy. You will take it home to break it!

(Min. 6, Max. 10 students)


Let’s Get Crafty Basic Sewing & Crafts (2nd – 5th Grade)

Instructors: Georgina Swanson and Nancy Hoehne
Do you like to do different kinds of crafts or sew? Join Let's Get Crafty to make a variety of crafts with fabric, yarn and other supplies. It will be a chance to be creative while we make things together and learn new skills. (Min. 8, Max. 12 students)


NEW! Board Game Bonanza (3rd – 5th Grade)

Instructors: Danielle Costanzo and Lindsay Heide

If you like brain teasers, challenges, and teamwork... this is the class for you! Join Board Game Bonanza where we will get together with friends and play a variety of fun, challenging, and exciting games. All games require collaboration and out of the box thinking. Each week participants will learn a new game and also have an opportunity to play old favorites.

(Min. 8, Max. 16 students)


Lion King Jr. Broadway Dance Crew (2nd – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Anne Marie Williams
Calling all dancers and Lion King fans! In this class, students will learn unique choreography to the iconic Lion King soundtrack. Students will work together to form distinct formations and movements specific to each song's theme and emotion. Students will have an opportunity to showcase their creativity and express their spirit through dance! On the last session of the class, a performance will be open to families and students will be able to showcase the dances they have learned.
(Min. 6, Max. 14 students)


BACK! Clay Play (K – 5th Grade)

Instructors: Hannah Connell and Paula Spring

Are you into slimy things? Do you love to get your hands dirty? Have you always wanted more opportunities to work with clay outside of art class? If "YES!" is the answer to all of these questions then sign up for Clay Play! We will learn all sorts of clay building techniques while allowing freedom to have creative choice and experimentation.

(Min. 6, Max. 28 students)


YogaKids (K – 5th Grade)

Instructor: Kim Vulinovic
We’ll stretch like dogs and fly like eagles! YogaKids classes use yoga as a springboard for education. Each class explores a different theme through movement, storytelling and meditation. Poses strengthen and stretch muscles. Breathing naturally tunes kids into their energy levels. And books, toys and games make each class fun and educational. Yoga unites the body and mind to improve self-esteem, focus and fitness. To participate fully in the class, children should wear comfortable clothes (e.g., leggings/sweats, not dresses, tights or jeans). (Min. 6, Max. 16 students)


Kitchen Wizards (K – 5th Grade)

Instructors: Kerri Druckmiller and Sondra Nelson
Calling all chefs! Explore cooking in fun and interesting ways as we create recipes that you can make again at home. Each participant will receive a collection of recipes that we make during the class! NOTE: Be sure to note your child’s allergies on your registration for optimum class participation. (Min. 8, Max. 16 students)


Multi-Sport Madness (Younger Kids) (K – 2nd Grade)

Instructor: Legacy Sports
One of Legacy Sports’ most popular programs includes variations of traditional gym games like relay races, tag, capture the flag, dodgeball, and soccer, as well as our popular Legacy games like Hand Hockey, Illinois Jones and Battleship. You don’t want to miss out!

NOTE: Due to space restrictions in the gym, the first class for Multi-Sport Madness will be Tuesday, February 4.

(Min. 10, Max. 20 students) includes t-shirt


Learn to Knit (3rd – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Georgina Swanson
This beginner class will introduce students to the basic knitting stitch. We will practice knitting with the goal of making a small bag or pouch by the end of the session.
(Min. 5, Max. 8 students)


Colored Pencil Kids (K – 5th Grade)

Instructor: Cheryl Rausch

Calling all creative kids! This colored pencil class will teach students about the fun and versatility of colored pencils. The class covers all aspects of drawing with this fun and diverse medium. We will discuss everything from playing with the blending of colors, learn about highlights and shadows, and even exploring how to draw hair, feathers and fur! We will teach children how to work with colored pencils and to find the fun in creating with color. No prior experience necessary. All materials will be provided. This class is offered through MAPP Sports.

(Min. 6, Max. 20 students)



Multi-Sport Madness (Older Kids) (3rd— 5th Grade)
Instructor: Legacy Sports

One of Legacy Sports’ most popular programs includes variations of traditional gym games like relay races, tag, capture the flag, dodgeball, and soccer, as well as our popular Legacy games like Hand Hockey, Illinois Jones and Battleship. You don’t want to miss out!

NOTE: Due to space restrictions in the gym, the first class for Multi-Sport Madness will be Wednesday, February 5.

 (Min. 10, Max. 20 students) includes t-shirt


BACK! Homesteading (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Sugar Beet Schoolhouse

Inspired by our popular Summer Homesteading Camp, we have pulled together the highlights for an after school program. From making dough to sewing to making beeswax candles, students will learn self reliance and “do it yourself” skills that cultivate resourcefulness and an appreciation for the hand made. Each class will have a “make and take” component as kids learn to make useful items for their home. Weavings, candles, paper, books, natural dyes and more! It’s so much fun to make a beautiful home and world together.
(Min. 8, Max. 12 students)


Actor's Garden: A Play a Day (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Alex Frisch

Students will take a quick bow as they put on a mini play every class. Each week each student will receive a script, be cast in a role, learn blocking and maybe even put on a costume piece or two. The only thing we will not have is an audience. This class is an opportunity to explore putting on production without the added pressure of getting it “performance ready.” Students will also engage in theatre games and acting exercises, making this class a perfect blend of process and product. This is all about FUN!

(Min. 9, Max. 15 students)


Lego STEM FUNdamentals (K – 5th Grade)

Instructor: Play-Well TEKnologies

Power up your engineering skills with Play-Well TEKnologies and tens of thousands of LEGO® parts! Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through engineer-designed projects such as: Hot Air Balloons, Space Stations, Tugboats, and the Eiffel Tower. Design and build as never before, and explore your craziest ideas in a supportive environment. There are no prerequisites for this course.

(Min. 11, Max. 16 students)



Taekwondo (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Flying V Martial Arts
Our Taekwondo classes offer a total fitness program integrating mind, body and spirit. The program focuses on improving not only basic motor skills, but developing students’ confidence, self-esteem, discipline, respect and focus. Furthermore, our program consists of a balanced cardiovascular workout, including punching, kicking, and blocking skills while using self-control and the Taekwondo tradition. Participants will improve coordination, power of concentration, balance, and both physical and mental discipline. The program will encourage students’ sense of commitment and persistence in the face of challenges while helping them enter society with a more confident and enthusiastic outlook.
(Min. 5, Max. 30 students)


Dynamic Chess (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: William Aramil
Classes are intended to increase the chess knowledge of every child. In addition, children will be able to apply the overall thinking skills learned from the chess program to other areas within their education. Each student will begin as a Pawn (the first level) and progress their way up to a King (the 6th level) as they show their efficiency and mastery of topics within the curriculum. All playing levels are welcome, including absolute beginners! All children signed up for Dynamic Chess at Whittier will be given access to Chesskid.com for an entire calendar year ($50 value). Children will be able to play others in class and all over the world online, watch videos, and work on several exercises to unlock online achievements!
(Min. 10, Max. 30 students)


Experiential Painting and Mask Making (K – 5th Grade)
Instructor: Terry Mueller

Kids of all ages thrive when their creativity is nurtured. They learn to trust their inner voice and develop confidence in themselves as they explore their unique creative process. Experiential Painting provides a structured, non-judgmental environment and full freedom for kids to express themselves. They are encouraged to explore, express and experiment creatively.


The first several weeks of class focus on the painting process, then an optional mask making project is introduced during the last few weeks. The mask making moves into a deeper level of self-expression, which continues to support the experience of their inner imaginary world. This class is designed for children to repeat over and over, as their creativity continually blossoms and every session has new lessons and games that help open their creative process.  
(Min. 6, Max. 18 students)