The Whittier Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is a non-profit organization run by a volunteer team made up of teachers, staff, parents, and guardians of students attending Whittier Elementary School. 


Our mission is to build connections between families, the school and the Oak Park community.  We are dedicated to promoting academic success as well as social and emotional growth for all children at Whittier


Whittier PTO requires no membership dues.  All teachers, staff, parents, and guardians of students enrolled at Whittier Elementary School are considered members of Whittier PTO. 



PTO programs and events help ensure our children's experience at Whittier is more than just academics, by focusing our activities on enriching the lives of our students and families.  


We enrich our students lives by providing after school programming and promoting Whittier pride through t-shirts and more.  70% of our budget supports teachers by organizing conference dinners, providing grants, coordinating teacher appreciation week and more. 

Unique to Whittier, we designate resources to support families with access to Whittier Wear, field trips, and more through our Wildcare Fund.  We support green initiatives through the Whittier Garden, in school initiatives and the cafeteria compost program. 


But.....for every dollar out we have to find a dollar and are 100% funded on donations from donors.  As a 501(c), your donation is tax deductible and will go to support our initiatives, programs, and events.  


Whittier PTO meetings are held 7:00 PM-8:00 PM on the first Thursday of each month in the Whittier Community Room. 


Why attend? All teachers and parents/guardians are members of the PTO once enrolled at Whittier.  By attending meetings, you will gain insight into what is happening at the school, programs and events the PTO is working on, and the opportunity to bring your voice and ideas to the PTO.  PTO Meetings are also a great way to socialize with other parents and the Whittier staff, and childcare is always available. 


PTO runs on people power from the Wildcat community.  There are many ways to participate!


The most impactful way is to hold a role that helps shape the direction of the PTO.   We also host events throughout the year that need leads to manage.  We always need volunteers on the day of any event, and support in school programs.  Finally, we welcome specialty talents in areas like our digital platforms, fundraising, non profits, and really anything else.  Please review the roles below to see where your talents and passions meet.

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Bylaws are the broad rules that govern how the Whittier PTO is organized and run.


Whittier PTO Bylaws 2022