WISE is an after school program managed by the Whittier PTO and run by Afterschool Enrichment Solutions at Whittier. Our goal is to bring a wide variety of classes, for kids of all interests to support their growth.  We focus on bringing local programs like Slowfire and classes taught by our Whittier staff and Whittier parents, to accomplish the PTO's mission to engage our community. 



HOw It Works 


Registration will begin at the start of school with classes starting in October and final set of classes offered in March.



  • After the dismissal bell, your child will report to the auditorium, where attendance will be taken and children will receive a nut-free snack.
  • Instructors will escort your child to the front office of the school at the end of WISE. Parents/guardians should pick up their children PROMPTLY at 4:15 pm.
  • If your child will be absent, please mention WISE when you call the school office, so that we are alerted. We take your children's safety very seriously, and we must account for every child. 



The PTO will continue to offer scholarships through our WildCare fund to ensure all students have access to classes. Please email renee@learningmeansfun.com if you would like to register for a class with use scholarship. 


There are no requirements to receive a scholarship, and they are available to all students.  


Register Here

In order to access the registration you must have a code to access the classes.  Example code: Code WOP10.17.22 


Registration is typically available for several weeks and we send out plenty of announcements beforehand that covers the registration process, class availability and description.  Please ensure that the Whittier PTO emails are flagged as safe so you don't miss out! 


If you have difficulty registering, please contact Afterschool Enrichment Solutions at 847-482-9999 or registration@learningmeansfun.com


If you have trouble registering please contact After School Enrichment Solutions at 847-482-9999