PTO Communication

When PTO is hosting an event or communicating to the community, proper communication is critical.  We want to make sure we are thoughtful and impactful in our communications.  Below is a recommendation of various communication channels based on the type of event you may be hosting. 



The RunDown

The RunDown is the PTO's weekly email we send out to the community that covers information, volunteer needs, and community updates.  The RunDown is sent out on Sunday's. 



  1. Goal should be to begin your campaign 2 weeks prior to the event or activity. 

  2. Create your verbiage with the goal to be concise, yet informational.  Gather your images and review the PTO branding guide here to ensure colors, images are consistent. 

  3. The deadline for submission is on Thursday and must be submitted at this link:

  4. Please pay attention to image requirements for the RunDown. 

Email Blast

Email blast can be sent at anytime.  We recommend using this method as a last minute reminder to events and activities, or informational reminders.  This is strictly for PTO related news.



  1. This could be included as part of a campaign that has already begun.  
  2. Content should mirror previous content.  Try to take a new angle on the call to action or information you are communicating. 
  3. The deadline for submission is 2 days before you want the email to go out.  Please submitted at this link: 


Facebook is a great channel for immediate calls to action or events you want people to sign up for.   We try to keep these to one post a day.  We recommend using this channel early and then closer to the event when developing your plan around an event or activity, 



  1. Allow content to mirror content from other communications.  Social Media posts should be concise and "punchy" to draw attention, and use video and images to gather attention.

  2. Email Suzanne G with your content and images.

  3. Send information by Sunday with instructions on which day you'd like the information posted. 

  4. Email Suzanne with any questions


Classroom Liaisons are recruited at the beginning of the year as a trusted source of information from each classroom.  They also help coordinate teacher appreciation week, gifts at the holidays and anything else the classroom or grade may want to do.   The network is best used for brief and specific updates or reminders about events that people may have missed.



  1. Ensure that your content is specific and try not to be redundant from other communication channels.  
  2. Messages should avoid being redundant or coming out within two days of similar messages via other modes of communication.
  3. This is for PTO events and activities ONLY, no 3rd party content should go through this channel.
  4. Email Kirsten Hollinden about 2 days prior to when you want your communication to go out.  She will then review your request and push out to the liaisons. 


Flyers are an excellent way to get your event or information in front of the community.  Flyers can be placed in backpacks, as well as around the doors of the school. 



  1. You can either create your flyer in Canva yourself, or reach out to to be connected with a graphic designer to support you.  The PTO does have a Canva account and we are happy to give you access. 

  2. Ensure your content is visually engaging and limited on wording.  Flyers are a quick read for people. 

  3. Using QR Codes is a great way to direct someone to a website for more information, purchase or sign up. 

  4. Once your flyer is ready, please email with the number of flyers needed and if it needs to be in black and white or color.  They will review and forward on to the front office for printing. 

  5. Lead time should be about a 1 week from when you want the flyer in the backpack. 

  6. Note: Flyers from non-district or non-PTO events are not eligible but we may still include a blurb about the event upon district approval.


Any questions or concerns about using the above channels, please email at any time for support! 

When planning an event, consider the following:

Event Packet

D97 PTO Equity Checklist

Green Team Zero Waste Checklist

Event Checklist


Roles in Communication

PTO is always looking for support on the communications team to ensure we reach our community. 

PTO Liaisons - are members of each class who can answer PTO-related questions and occasionally provide email updates on PTO events to their classrooms. 


Co VP Communication - Creates and implements the PTO's communication strategy across digital and print.  Manages the various platforms the PTO uses and pushes email communication out to the community.  With two roles these are separated into gathering the information to be pushed and pushing out communication on time. Time Commitment:  1 hour per week


Webmaster - Manages PTO's Membership Toolkit site with updates and supports leadership and others with creating forms, collecting payment, etc.  Time Commitment: 3 Hours per month


Social Media Manager - Manages PTO's social media posts across platforms of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  Ensuring policies are followed and PTO has a presence across platforms.  Time Commitment: 1 per week

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