The mission of DivCo is to engage families in our children’s journey of learning, both academically and socially, in order to improve achievement and opportunities for ALL children but with particular emphasis on race, gender, income, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, and citizenship.


Our goal is to hear your voice on how we can continue to strive toward centering inclusion and equity at Whittier.

Lead Committee Members

Anne McNamee-Keels


Sarah Taylor


You can contact them at

 Upcoming Events

  • Diwali was a success! Thank you to Ms. Karia, Nikhil Trivedi, and the many students and families who made our celebration a success!

Whittier WildCare Fund





Our goal is to provide funding to individual students in need--prioritizing first, those students whose families qualify for free or reduced lunch, as well as students who face socioeconomic or cultural barriers to participating fully in their school communities, in order to help ensure that all students’ have a fair opportunity to engage their best self in the school day, with specific focus on facilitating participation in academic activities, “specials” during school, school events and traditions, as well as ensuring their basic essential needs during the school day


While the primary goal is to remove economic barriers for students, we also want to ensure ease of implementation of Angel Funds for our teachers and school administrators and ensure confidentiality and avoidance of any stigma.  Please fill out this form here.


The Whittier PTO continues to identify unserved areas of our community where the Wildcare Fund can be of assistance.  These include support in purchasing spirit wear, access to field trips and field trip souvenirs, covering the cost of childcare at events, and providing food at some PTO sponsored events.  This continues to evolve and below are some examples of where we can support students and families. 


Examples (Not an Exhaustive List)


Highest priority: 

  • Clothing, toiletries, food needs (including gift cards for these items) as identified by school social worker 
  • Field trip scholarships
  • School supplies
  • School fees 
  • Healthy snacks for individual students 
  • Extra clothing for individual students and Grade shirts for individual students
  • Yearbooks for individual students

High priority:

  • Spiritwear 
  • After school program and in-school enrichment scholarships
  • Book fair purchases for individual students
  • Extra books for children identified as needing extra reading support
  • Wristbands and tickets for School carnivals

 Wildcare Assistance Form

If you are interested in donating directly to the Wildcare Fund please click below and add "Wildcare Fund" to your notes.  All spending is tracked and reported out annually. 

Thank you for supporting our efforts!