PTO Needs your voice!

PTO runs on people power from the Wildcat community.  There are many ways to participate, and the most impactful way is to hold a role that helps shape the direction of the PTO.  Below are the key positions open for the 2021-2022 school year.  



Do you want to be more actively involved in the direction of the PTO?  The Co-President supports the ongoing mission of the Whittier PTO and represents the organization at district wide PTO meetings, leads monthly PTO meetings, and supports the leadership roles with ideas and resources.  This role has evolved during the pandemic and we need fresh ideas and insight to lead us in the post-pandemic environment


Time Commitment - 2-3 Hours per month/ 2 Year Commitment 


co-VP Of Parent Engagement

Are you sociable and like to connect to people?  Do you want to make sure Whittier has a community feel? The Co-VPs of Parent Engagement work closely with one another in coming up with ways to keep all families engaged at Whittier in an inclusive way.  The Co-VPs of Parent Engagement are responsible for identifying new ways to engage families at Whittier such as monthly coffee meetups and other social events. Parent Engagement also includes partnering with the VPs of fundraising and representing the committee at PTO leadership meetings.


Time Commitment - 2-3 Hours per month

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Do you like to take notes?  Do you love to write?  All PTO member meetings require a recording of what was said, who voted, etc.  We are in need of a new Secretary to help us maintain our records, and this role has a vote on decisions being made at the Leadership level. Your responsibilities will be to attend any PTO related meetings and capture notes. 


Time Commitment - 2-3 Hours per month


co-VP Of Enrichment

Are you interest in shaping non-academic programs at Whittier?  The PTO has many programs we either support or manage.  The co-VP's of Enrichment are responsible for ensuring these programs get executed, stay connected with administration and the staff on what they need, what works and what does.  Most importantly, this is one of the biggest ways we engage with students and we need to ensure the PTO is fulfilling it's mission to enrich the lives of our members. 


Time Commitment - 2-3 Hours per month


co-VP Of Fundraising

Do you like to plan events that also raise money? Do you have the ability to engage people and maybe sell them on the value of something?  The PTO must raise its annual budget each year and we need new and fresh ideas on how to engage our community, demonstrate the PTO's value and raise money to support our programs, advocacy and more.  This is a critical role in the PTO and the pandemic has reshaped how the Whittier PTO traditionally fundraises.   You will support and recruit for chairs to lead various events throughout the year. 


Time Commitment - 2-3 Hours per month

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Fun Run Prize Lead

Fun Run team is in need of a lead to help curate prizes for the fun run.  The Fun Run gives out weekly prizes for fundraising, classroom prizes and top prizes.  


Time Commitment -3-4 hours

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Adult Fundraising Event Lead

Do you like to coordinate events? Plan and host gatherings? This is a critical role as the co-VP will need support to put on our adult winter fundraiser.  Will lead the creation and coordination of this event, while rallying volunteers to help you along the way and at the event itself.

I Can Help!

Time Commitment - 5 hours planning, 5 hours before and during the event


Silent Auction Lead

Have a knack for sales or marketing ?  This is a perfect position for you!  You will partner with the VP of Fundraising to coordinate a silent auction as part of our Adult Fundraiser.  Goal is to recruit businesses, family, friends and the community to donate items or experiences to auction to the Whittier families.


Time Commitment - 6 hours planning and during event

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Diversity Committee

Are you interested in ensuring all voices at Whittier are represented?  We are rebuilding our Diversity (DIVCO) team and need volunteers that are willing to listen and contribute to ensure our families and kids are heard and represented in school activities, events and find ways to help them feel connected to the community. 


Time Commitment - Monthly meetings

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Greenleaf NewsMagazine Team

Do you enjoy writing, marketing or editing?  Would you like to be more connected to the school?  We are in need of a team of 3-4 people to take on collecting content, writing, and editing for our monthly Greenleaf Newsmagazine.  Let's keep this going! 


Time Commitment - 3-4 hour per month


Social Media Manager

Do you spend time on Facebook, Twitter, and Insta?  We need to engage our community and keep them informed on the social media platforms.  With minimal time spent weekly, this would be maintaining our Facebook page and posting updates.  Coordinating with the administration and staff on using Twitter, and ensuring our community stays informed of events, programs and things to know! 


Time Commitment - 1 hour per week

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